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Your digital marketing strategy should be tailored to help you meet both short and long-term company objectives, including improving market share, increasing brand awareness, and driving revenue growth.

Our in-house digital marketing team will work with you to develop and execute a fully customized plan to meet your revenue objectives and deliver measurable growth and maximize return on investment. Our services align with online marketing best practices while offering fresh perspectives and innovative approaches to help your brand stand apart in a crowded marketplace.
We have a collaborative, transparent process. All departments work together to ensure consistency and execute your digital marketing strategy to the highest standards. Our team will continually test, iterate, and improve your digital marketing strategy in an ever-changing landscape while staying true to your core business values and objectives.

Catch the eye of your target customer. Breathe new life into your web presence. Get measurable, transparent results that prove ROI. It all starts with a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, and no one does it better than us.

We are a proudly Canadian company, and we work with a variety of clients across the world. Request your digital marketing audit today to learn more about how our digital marketing strategies can work for your business.

How Our Process Works

Step 1

Discovery Meeting

We want you to leave the discovery call knowing who we are and what we are capable of doing. Most importantly, we want to assure that we understand your problem and that we will make a professional assessment to determine if we can help you or not.

Step 2

Marketing Campaign Structure

Your business requires new leads to grow. The focal point is to build a structure to properly attribute any sales to the original lead generation channel. The structure will allow our team to focus on scaling the marketing channel that are generating the highest profit margins for your business.

Step 3

Optimizing Sales Process

An efficient marketing process can generate a large influx of leads for your business. This influx can overwhelm your sales team. We implement a system to increase the speed of response for your sales team, and also a scoring process to segment, and rank the most qualified leads who are ready to start the sales journey right away.

Step 4

Scaling and Diversifying

What happens if your most profitable lead generation channels are pronounced dead overnight? During this stage, our goal is to diversify the acquisition of leads through new paid/organic marketing channels to help mitigate the risk of dependency on a single lead generation channel to generate 100% of your business.

Our Team

Visit our team page to learn more about the faces behind LGG Media!

Our Principles and Competitive Edge​​

We're Metrics Focused

Rigorous data analysis is key to our success.

  • ROI: We’re continuously working towards improved campaign performance.
  • Attribution: We work to understand as much as possible about the role of each channel in driving traffic and sales.

We're Proactive

We don’t rest on our laurels.

  • Strategic Initiative: We bring new ideas and methodologies in addition to our tried and tested techniques.
  • Testing: We believe in frequently questioning and testing hypotheses.

We’re Collaborative

We work to compliment your team.

  • On-Brand: All efforts will always reflect your brand. 
  • Sharing Knowledge: We believe in building institutional skills to bring more value to your organization.

We're Transparent & Communicative​

You’ll never be in the dark.

  • Highly responsive: You’ll always be able to reach us.
  • Clear, honest and open: We share everything with our clients.

Our Core Values at LGG Media


We execute things in the simplest and efficient way to drive the highest possible results. We pride ourselves on paying attention to details and all the variables which impact results internally and for our customers.


We are committed to the highest possible standard, and never being satisfied with the status quo or "I have done enough" asking yourself "am I executing this detail, responsibility at the highest level?" There is no market leader who offers an 'ok' product or service, look at Tesla. Tesla wiped the floor with an industry that was ok doing 'just enough.' They did by delivering the best product.

Being a Student

Being the best, and being masters of revenue creation. Commitment to being a student practicing our craft, and our skillset everyday. Competing with the version of ourselves from yesterday to get 1%. There is no true master who is not also a student. Michael Jordan use to warm up at practice with chest passes, the first thing you learn in Basketball. Our team practices their craft on their own time for 30 minutes each day to commit to continued development.

Meaningful Work and Meaningful Relationships

Focusing on finding meaning in the work we do. We are committed to scaling our customers' businesses so they can save enough money for their children's education, buy their dream home, and employ more people. Internally, that means mastering our department, and individual craft. Meaningful relationships, caring about the people next to us, holding each other accountable to our individual goals, and team goals. The only way we not just survive but thrive up the climb to the top of the mountain is together; both with customers and our employees.


We pride ourselves on customers and team members being able to take eachother’s word to the bank. Long lasting business is built on long lasting relationships. Especially in our industry it is mission critical for customers to feel secure and grounded in our word. Integrity is not just a slogan, but a way of life.

LGG Won Advertising Agencies in Canada - Tech Behemoth 2022 Awards

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LGG Staff Has Been Nominated for 5 Awards in the 2023 Ottawa Awards

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions for LGG Media

Whether you currently use digital marketing for your online business or haven’t yet started a campaign, chances are you may have some questions. All your frequently asked questions are answered below! 

Why Acquiring Digital Marketing Services is Essential for your Business?

Being a leading digital marketing agency in Ottawa, we believe digital marketing is a powerful strategy to build your online presence and generate better sales through different platforms. It gives the opportunity to spread the word about your products/ or services and appear on the top of SERPs.

Would My Business Benefit from Digital Marketing?

Yes, definitely! It gives more exposure to your brand’s products and services. At LGG Media, we use many digital marketing strategies, including social media promotion, PPC, lead generation, content marketing, and SEO services in Canada that focuses on main elements – target audience, business goals, and requirements.

Does Approaching SEO Companies Worth?

Both small and large enterprises want to save their time and focus on core business objectives, which is why consulting the best SEO company in Canada could be a smart decision. Given all the key metrics such as conversion rate and engagement, a reputed digital marketing company will help you determine what’s best and what’s not.

How Long Does SEO take to Start Showing Results?

Desired results cannot be achieved overnight. SEO is a long-term investment and the time to see results will depend on both project requirements and the competitiveness of your industry. You can expect significant results from our SEO digital marketing in minimum time and effort.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is focused on driving qualified leads and rankings in your local area. Suppose, if you have a local business, you can use our Google local SEO service to target the potential customers around the local geographical areas so that people will easily navigate you.

Can You Guarantee my Website Will Appear on Top Pages of Google?

With consistent changes in Google algorithms and ranking factors, you must be looking for an increase in traffic that ultimately drives more customers to your website. This is what digital marketing companies in Canada do to convert leads into potential sales.

What is Meant by Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a term to describe promoting your business in any of a variety of social media channels that allow users to create, share, and participate in both private and public communities, this is what we aim for throughout our social media marketing services.

How do I Promote My Business on Social Media?

As a leading social media marketing agency in Canada, we can help you promote your products/ or services on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. through engaging visual content, positive customer feedback, advertising, and business page.

What are the Benefits of Social Media Marketing?

Whether you require social media marketing for a small business or a large-scale enterprise, consistent efforts of our social media experts will improve brand awareness, website traffic, customer experience, lead generation and sales, and overall user engagement.

What kind of Social Media Packages is Fit for My Business?

While some social media marketing companies use one-size-fits-all approaches, we take a different route for every client and cover social media audit, custom strategy, competitive analysis, social media monitoring, monthly or weekly consultations, and more within our social media marketing packages. We have the SMM plan for small, medium, large-scale enterprises, and if you are still unsure which is the best, chat with our team now!

What do PPC Advertising Service Include?

Depending on whether you’re advertising for the first time or already have a campaign, our Google PPC management services include audit and research, account setup, keyword selection, creation of an ad copy, and monitoring of ad campaign performance for best results.

Do You Only Use Google AdWords?

While the majority of our clients incline towards Google AdWords marketing, we also have diverse experience in all sorts of advertising services such as Facebook advertising, LinkedIn advertising, and many more.

What is the Difference Between SEO, SMM, and PPC?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) focuses on promoting a website with an aim of enhancing its visibility by using relevant keywords. Pay-per-click (PPC) is based on keywords and demographics where the advertiser is charged per click on their ad. Social media service is the process of increasing brand awareness and engagement across different social media channels.

How will you report and how do I know what you’re working on?

Being the best online marketing agency, we like to keep our clients informed. We send weekly, monthly, and annual reports outlining performance, as well as work completed and upcoming work. We provide a list of ongoing work in all areas with appropriate due dates.

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