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Attribution For Digital Marketing Channels

Cosmetic Dental Grants is a program based out of Toronto, ON. They help dental offices generate a consistent flow of advanced implant and cosmetic cases across the United States. 

The Challenge

Attribution was the number one challenge for the client’s media buying team. The media buying team was unable to reduce the cost of acquisition. They were unable to identify and scale profitably which advertising channel, campaign, or ad combination was generating new patients. The lack of attribution was costing the client hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost opportunity. 

The Solution

Set up attribution system integrating the CRM system with advertising platforms (Google, Facebook, Tiktok). Leveraged sales data to create an ideal customer profile for each service offered by the client. The media buying team restructured the existing advertising campaigns and built new dynamic campaigns with an objective of spending advertising dollars for maximizing conversions (new dental patient). 

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