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Gary Trembinski is a real estate broker with EXIT Realty Lake Superior located in Sault Ste. Marie, ON where the median home price is $250,000.

The Challenge

Attribution was the number one challenge for the client’s media buying team. The media buying team was unable to generate a consistent return on advertisement spend (ROAS) each week. They were unable to identify and scale profitably which advertising channel, campaign, adset was truly indeed generating new retainers. The lack of attribution was costing the client thousands of dollars in lost opportunity.

The Solution

Built a predictable client acquisition system to generate leads using Facebook and Google ads. Set up a CRM system (Go HighLevel) to manage leads, automate 2-way conversations via SMS and email, build high converting landing pages and lead capture forms. Built a call center to follow up, qualify, and schedule leads into buyer/seller consultations with the client. The entire workflow is designed to engage 60+ times with new leads in the system.

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I significantly doubled my business with LGG within the year.

Owner, Gary Trembinski Broker