Marketing Strategies for Construction Companies

To build and promote awareness of a construction company, we use a variety of marketing methods and techniques. We are well-versed in the construction and building industry. Our expertise in assisting contractors and suppliers in communicating their message through branding, digital marketing, and content creation allows them to progress to the next level. Let us demonstrate how a competent marketing approach may benefit your business.

We are a proudly Canadian company, and we work with a variety of clients across the world. Request your digital marketing audit today to learn more about how our digital marketing strategies can work for your construction business.

The Process of Digital Marketing for a Construction

Step 1

Discovery Meeting for Your Construction Company

We want you to leave the discovery call knowing who we are and what we are capable of doing for your construction company. Most importantly, we want to assure you that we understand your problem and that we will make a professional assessment to determine if we can help you or not.

Step 2

Marketing Campaign Structure for Your Construction Company

Your construction business requires new leads to grow. The focal point is to build a structure to properly attribute any sales to the original lead generation channel. The structure will allow our team to focus on scaling the marketing channel that is generating the highest profit margins for your construction business.

Step 3

Optimizing Sales Process for Your Construction Company

An efficient marketing process can generate a large influx of leads for your construction business. This influx can overwhelm your sales team. We implement a system to increase the speed of response for your sales team, and also a scoring process to segment, and rank the most qualified leads who are ready to start the sales journey right away.

Step 4

Scaling and Diversifying for Construction Company

What happens if your most profitable lead generation channels are pronounced dead overnight? During this stage, our goal is to diversify the acquisition of leads through new paid/organic marketing channels to help mitigate the risk of dependency on a single lead generation channel to generate 100% of your construction business.

Why You Should Use LGG Digital Marketing for Your Construction Company

Our Industry Experience

We know what it takes for construction companies to have successful digital marketing. We get you in front of the right people, at the right time, with the right message.

Honest Data

We can build targeted campaigns that target your preferred demographic using extensive research and in-depth data analysis. This boosts conversions and cuts down on squandered funds. Your construction company will be backed by trustworthy data. 

We’re Collaborative

We work to compliment your team.

  • On-Brand: All efforts will always reflect your brand. 
  • Sharing Knowledge: We believe in building institutional skills to bring more value to your organization.

A Leader in Lead Generation

We can expand your customer base with your desired demographic via effective web marketing. We find your audience exactly where they are and help you obtain the conversions you want.

Marketing Services for Construction Companies

Our proven lead generation techniques for construction and building services allow your company to nurture leads until they’re ready to convert. We bring qualified leads for your construction company.

Many construction organizations are attempting to improve lead generation as a critical metric. You’d like to increase lead creation, but not just any leads. You want qualified leads – people and businesses interested in starting the types of projects that will provide the most profit for your construction firm.

We use effective SEO strategies to ensure that potential clients find your construction company website on search engines like Google.

In other words, financial services SEO taps into relevant organic searches to assist drive natural traffic to your financial services website.

If you own a construction company that serves your neighborhood, you want to appear on Google when people search for the services you provide. From local listings to on-page website SEO, there are a lot of things that go into local SEO. Find out where you stand in the rankings and what you can do to outperform your competitors.

Paid search marketing for construction companies can be a powerful ROI driver if used correctly. It may help you create brand awareness and increase conversions quickly. We will promote your company as the right answer through sponsored marketing. We can scale your business across multiple areas and continuously generate qualified leads thanks to our tried-and-true tactics.

Construction companies and builders can reach new customers through social media management. Your next customer is on social media, almost everyone is. In the construction industry, social media can help not only raise awareness but also boost customer retention and attitude. Your construction business can utilize social media to generate trust, establish credibility, and demonstrate that you are an authority in the sector.

Our professional content writers develop unique, relevant content that not only raises awareness of your product or service but also encourages them to buy. Our authors create interesting, keyword-rich pages that search engines value to promote your company as the finest choice in the industry. This means that your material is optimized to be seen by more internet users, and as more content is added, the potential for conversions grows tremendously.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about Marketing for Construction Companies

How Do You Market a Construction Company?

There are many marketing techniques that will be curated to create a perfect marketing strategy for your Construction Company. Some marketing services that would be useful for a Construction company can include: Lead Generation, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Content Marketing, SMM (Social Media Management), Paid Advertisements, etc.

How Can I Promote my Construction Company on Social Media?

Social Media opens a door for millions of possible customers. Utilizing social media correctly can be a gold mine. Our social media experts will create a social media plan for your construction company, combining social media techniques and your construction business goals.

How Do Construction Companies Get Customers?

There are several marketing techniques that help construction companies get more customers. LGG specializes in lead generation for construction companies that would send qualified leads to your business.

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