Digital Marketing for Flooring Companies

How do people find you when they need repairs made to their home? What’s more, how do you locate them?

When you need a handyman, the Internet is the best resource. You are missing out on an opportunity to increase your website’s traffic and lead generation if you haven’t extended your handyman marketing plan into digital platforms. If you want to keep expanding your firm, it is essential that your handyman marketing plan incorporates internet strategies.

We’ll provide you with some of the most effective marketing strategies for a handyman business on this page. Contact us online to speak with a strategist if you’re interested in learning how to create a unique digital marketing strategy to generate new visitors and leads.

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Top Strategies and Tips for Marketing for Handyman

Utilize Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to Bring in More Business for Handymen

Google resembles the Yellow Pages in some ways. Numerous handymen in their area might be found by simply searching for one online. You can make sure that they discover your company first by implementing search engine optimization (SEO).

This handyman marketing strategy focuses on using optimization to raise the position of your website in the search results. Because 75% of users don’t go past the first page of results, optimizing your site is crucial.

You must optimize your site to rank on the first page of results if you want people to locate your handyman service.

Choosing your keywords is the first step in optimizing for SEO. Stick to relevant keywords because they will affect where your website shows up in search results. It will expose your company to worthwhile leads.

To select the right terms for your campaign, you must undertake keyword research. The best results for your campaign will come from long-tail keywords, which are those that have three words or more. Since these keywords are more precise, they attract more targeted traffic.

In comparison to a term like “handymen,” a long-tail keyword like “handymen in Toronto, Ontario” will produce better results. The latter keyword is quite vague and does not specify what a user is looking for. You can tell from the first term that someone is looking for a handyman in the Toronto area particularly.

One of the many crucial elements in SEO site optimization is the choice of keywords. Other elements, including enhancing page performance, debugging code, and acquiring backlinks, help to raise the rating of your website.

It’s critical that your audience readily locate your website because it serves as the centerpiece of your digital marketing strategy. You may make your audience more aware of your website by investing in SEO. They’ll pick your company above the ones of your opponents.

You may increase traffic to your website by raising your SEO ranking. This implies that you’ll also get more worthwhile leads. Your company will profit from it since it will expand and generate more conversions.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising for Handymen

Pay-per-click (PPC) adverts are those that show up above the organic listings in search results. These paid advertisements are excellent for bringing in leads that are prepared to buy.

People frequently click on PPC advertising to take them to the appropriate location when they are ready to make a purchase. In fact, an advertisement is clicked in 65 percent of all high intent searches.

These are folks who are aware of what they want and only need to locate the appropriate resource to obtain it. These individuals are at the conclusion of the buying cycle, which describes the procedure purchasers go through while making a purchase of a good or service.

PPC is the solution if you’re seeking for a technique to draw in leads that are prepared to convert.

Choose your keywords before implementing this handyman marketing strategy. You should stick to long-tail keywords, just like with SEO. They’ll bring in more qualified leads and keep your cost per click (CPC) down, allowing you to get more clicks on your advertisement.

After choosing your keywords, you will submit a bid for where your ad will appear. Your maximum bid—the sum you are prepared to spend each time someone clicks on your advertisement—must be specified. This sum is negotiable and subject to change at any time.

Your ad’s placement will be determined by your maximum bid and quality rating. Your ad’s keyword relevance and click-through rate, for example, are two factors that affect your quality score (CTR).

Your campaign will be launched once you have secured your ad spot.

PPC is a fantastic strategy with a lot to offer your handyman business. The fact that it is so cost-effective is its main advantage.

Only those who click on your PPC ad will be charged for it. There is no fee for impressions. This indicates that the leads you are paying for are those who clicked on your ad because they wanted to hire a handyman.

Other advantages of using this handyman marketing strategy include being able to monitor your campaign after you start it and having control over when it runs.

PPC is a terrific alternative if you’re searching for a method that fits your budget and allows you control over your advertisement. You’ll be in charge of your marketing and acquire worthwhile leads as a result.

Take Advantage of Social Media

An effective way for connecting handymen with their audience is social media. This is one of the few handyman marketing strategies where you can establish a personal relationship with your target market, which is crucial for creating content that is specifically relevant to them.

You must research your target market before you use social media marketing. Selecting the appropriate platform will be aided by knowing your target audience. There are numerous choices, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Once you are familiar with your platform, you may start sharing insightful information. Images, videos, surveys, and connections to other content are all permitted on Facebook and Twitter. Instagram is more of a visual platform.

Provide Useful Content

You should make sure that your audience will find your material engaging and fascinating. You want people to share, like, comment on, and tag others in your content. This will get people interested in your company and increase brand recognition.

Using social media to display your portfolio is a terrific idea. People want to have faith in your ability to complete the tasks you provide. Photos of “before and after” projects posted online aid in boosting that self-assurance.

Individual conversations are a breeze on social media. Many customers don’t have the time to call your company to inquire about services or prices. Instead, they’ll rely on social media to contact your company swiftly.

This establishes a great one-on-one relationship where you may impart knowledge to your audience. You can enhance the perception of your brand and give individuals in your target market the confidence to choose your company.

With the help of social media marketing, you can establish close relationships with your customers and produce material that appeals to their interests.

Let LGG Help You with Your Marketing Strategy

Your company will be able to reach more worthwhile leads with a personalized digital marketing strategy. You’ll make connections with leads in need of your services and influence their choice to collaborate with you. Our team of specialists at LGG will work with you to develop a unique handyman marketing strategy.

As a full-service digital marketing agency, we provide a range of services for your strategy. In addition to email marketing, page speed services, web design, and other things, we also provide SEO, PPC, and social media marketing. With years of expertise, we are skilled at developing digital marketing strategies that provide fast results.