How to Get Started With TikTok for My Business: Beginner Guide

By Sierra Alongi

Why TikTok for Business Is So Important and Getting Started

It’s not too late to get started with TikTok! Whether you’ve made an account but it’s not being utilized or you aren’t doing what it takes to reach maximum views, look no further! Bringing your business to TikTok is a game changer for anyone and in any industry. No matter what you’re selling, you already know that social media is the biggest way to build a community around your brand. While Instagram is big, TikTok can be bigger but you have to do what it takes for it to work for YOU. Let’s talk about understanding TikTok and how to get started!

Why TikTok is So Important

No one really expected TikTok to be as big as it has become but with the app’s algorithm formula and the way it is set up, it allows all businesses big to small to reach high engagement even with a small follower count. The key to a successful brand account is consistency and creativity! TikTok is exclusively a short-form video platform that forces people to think outside of the box and brush up on their video skills. Videos have always been known to perform better than other marketing posts, look at YouTube, it’s STILL the number one video-sharing platform. TikTok caters to people who want to see quick and to-the-point content when scrolling through social media so now, we adapt!

Taking the Time to Understand TikTok

The first step to understanding TikTok is to simply play around with the app. Understand the icons, adjust your settings, see what other people are doing within your industry, and start making videos. These can be drafts, set to private, or just start posting but see what works for you. TikTok has so many effects, sounds, and filters, and getting familiar with these will help your creativity flow. Full disclosure, you are basically learning how to video edit now, but it’s totally worth it!

Fine-tuning Your TikTok Account

Before you start trying to capture an audience, set up your profile just like any other social media account! Add branding, create a bio, follow some people within your industry, link to other social media accounts, and adjust your settings accordingly. These are all things you will come across when clicking around the app as mentioned before. You will also be asked to set up your account as a business or creator. There are some mixed feelings about which account to use so let’s break it down as it can be a bit confusing!

Business vs. Creator Account

While it seems obvious to select a Business account because ya know, you’re a business… there are a few reasons why you may want to consider a Creator account. The biggest benefit to using a Creator account over Business is being able to use trending sounds and music. Following and mimicking current trends is the easiest way to maximize views and you’d be surprised how big of a benefit this really is. On the other hand, with a Business account, you can do things like message potential customers, set up a TikTok shop (best for selling products), and add a direct link to your website in your bio but there are workarounds for some of these within a Creator account. At the end of the day, what you choose is going to be based on you and your brand goals. Changing your account to a business account and vice versa is possible at any time so don’t worry, this is not a permanent decision!

The Importance of Account Management

Creating engaging videos and content for TikTok is of course the most important task when successfully building an audience through TikTok but many people neglect the account management portion. Most algorithm formulas through social media will favor those who are actively using their account and aren’t just reaping the benefits. This means following others, responding to comments, commenting on other posts, etc. Set time aside to be active on the app and it will pay off!