How Much Does Hyros Cost: Hyros Pricing Breakdown

By LGG Media

Hyros software is delivered through the cloud and can be accessed on a subscription basis, with options for monthly or yearly plans. Prices for the service start at $369 per month (see prices below).

Hyros is the best option for your company if you’re seeking for an economical and flexible pricing solution. You can customize your subscription to meet your individual demands thanks to a distinctive pricing structure. Additionally, there are no unforeseen costs, so you will always understand what you are paying for. Below, you can find Hyros costs in relation to revenue tiers:

Tracked Revenue TiersHyros Platform Fee (USD)
$0 – $40,000$369
$40,001 – $83,000$629
$83,001 – $280,000$1,049
$280,001 – $750,000$1,569
$750,001 – $1,250,000$2,099
$1,250,001 – $1,600,000$2,625
$1,600,001 – $2,080,000$3,150
Unlimited Tracking$4,200

Need Help with Hyros?

Contact us today to get started on a strategy to help you get ahead of — and remain ahead of your competitors online. Our expert team ensures a smooth transition, working closely with your team to integrate Hyros seamlessly into your existing systems and workflows.

What Can Hyros Do for My Business?

Hyros stands for Hyper-Accurate Ads Tracking Software for Digital Businesses. This software provides exceptionally precise real-time tracking of advertisements, eliminating any uncertainties regarding how your customers interact with your online presence. Thorough reports offer insights into which ads yield the highest return on investment (ROI). Hyros offers a range of features including data analysis, optimization tools, and a central platform for managing pricing information.

Why Choose LGG Media for Your Hyros Services?

LGG is a certified agency for the implementation of Hyros software. This means

that the team at LGG has received training and has been deemed qualified to set up and configure the Hyros system for businesses. They are able to provide expert guidance and support throughout the implementation process to ensure a smooth and successful rollout of the software. LGG’s Hyros services will help you to achieve:

  • Data Analysis at Your Fingertips: Data-driven insights are here to replace guesswork. Our Hyros solution gives you access to comprehensive data analysis, enabling you to find profitable trends, patterns, and possibilities hidden in your company’s data.
  • Optimization for Success: We encourage continuous growth. Utilize our optimization tools to enhance all areas of your business, including operations, workflow, and efficiency.
  • Seamless Integration: Concerned about the implementation process? By collaborating closely with your team to seamlessly integrate Hyros into your current systems and workflows, our knowledgeable staff guarantees a top-notch transition.
  • Centralized Pricing Management: Pricing is a critical aspect of your success, and managing it effectively is vital. We provide a centralized platform for monitoring, adjusting, and optimizing pricing strategies, ensuring you stay competitive in the market.
  • Customization of Your Needs: We recognize that every business is unique. Our Hyros strategy is very adaptable and can be customized to your specific requirements, industry, and objectives in order to provide you a competitive edge that supports your goals.

Our Hyros product is always being improved in order to deliver the finest service possible to our clients who run companies. Our knowledgeable crew at LGG Media never cuts corners, and we are always there when you need us. Our product adheres to Google’s criteria and adjusts to meet the needs of our customers. Finally, we understand that your success is our success. We enjoy putting in the effort to see you succeed!

Use Hyros to Improve Your ROI

Monitoring the return on investment (ROI) of your advertisements is crucial when you’re engaged in online advertising today, whether it’s on platforms like Facebook, TikTok, Google, or any other digital media channel. Accurately gauging the performance metrics and ROI of your campaigns can be quite challenging.

All ad tracking systems possess the capability to conduct diverse forms of tracking. Most of them are seamlessly integrated with e-commerce platforms like Shopify, CRM solutions like Salesforce, and various social media channels. However, it’s in scenarios where these other platforms have limitations that Hyros truly excels.

Hyros goes beyond these standard capabilities. It goes the extra mile in tracking the effectiveness of your email campaigns, gauging phone conversion rates, and assessing the long-term value of your clientele.

Furthermore, Hyros stands out when it comes to customer tracking. For instance, let’s consider a situation where a customer comes across an advertisement for your product on their mobile device through a social media platform. Later, they switch to their computer to search for the same product, and eventually, they make a purchase by calling in. In this complex journey, Hyros can meticulously trace every step of the customer’s path, providing a comprehensive understanding of each stage of the process.

Is Hyros Worth It?

Overall, the ability that Hyros has to aggregate detailed, highly accurate data is unparalleled. This cutting-edge tool enables you to scale your most profitable ad campaigns, and funnel resources to where your marketing spend will have the biggest impact.

Our Hyros plan lets you see the full customer journey from beginning to end. It pulls back the curtain and shows you the path people took from initial click up to their eventual purchase. Not only that, but it also shows you additional buys over time, telling you just how valuable your customers are to the health and longevity of your business.

Few other platforms offer this level of granularity, precision, and control over your advertising data. Hyros is designed to tell you exactly how your ads are impacting your bottom line, leaving nothing to the imagination. It lets you pour fuel on the fire and scale your campaigns in the most strategic way possible, taking your ecommerce empire to new heights.

Is There a Discount for Hyros Services?

LGG offers a 30% discount to agencies as we are long time professionals in hyros services. If you would like to learn more about our discounted services, please contact us.

Hyros FAQs

How Does Hyros Track?

All of your traffic sources, landing pages, sales funnels, checkouts, phone calls, emails, and many other elements are coordinated with one source. Then, HYROS tracks your consumers across ten data points (also known as print tracking), combining the information to provide you with incredibly thorough and precise tracking statistics.

How Does Hyros Work?

With the help of the ad-tracking platform Hyros, you can view each stage of a customer’s journey and learn more about their conversions. Every click and purchase a customer makes is tracked by this software, which then presents the data in a clear manner.