Lead Generation for Law Firms and Legal Services

By LGG Media

Lead generation is crucial to your law firm’s business development plan, as it contributes to cash flow, financial health, and business growth. Whether you work in a law firm or practicing as an independent attorney, you need qualified leads to succeed. There are many different types of ways to generate leads, and below you can learn about the ways LGG has helped law firms and legal services with marketing for these leads.

Top Platforms


Seeing as more than half of Google users conduct business searches, you will want to make yourself visible on Google as soon as possible. Most individuals don’t have the time to investigate each law firm individually; instead, they rely on Google to advise them where they should go based on the top reviews. Although there are other review sites to choose from, Google should be your top platform for these reviews. 

If your clients had a positive experience with your law firm, don’t be afraid to ask them to leave a review! Satisfied clients are usually more than willing to help you achieve a five-star rating by leaving a positive review. Don’t forget to keep an eye on whatever review sites you’re on, and always respond to reviews—both good and bad!

Google My Business

Google My Business is a simple, free, and effective tool that will help you boost your search engine ranking which will allow searchers to easily and quickly book a consultation with your law firm.

By utilizing the features that Google provides for local businesses, such as updating your geographic information and developing Google Posts with the latest updates about your firm, you can ensure that Google recognizes your law firm as a valuable service provider in the local community.


Facebook Pages have come a long way, and they can now be advanced marketing tools if properly configured. You can configure your Facebook Page to do a variety of things, but the most effective strategy for law firms is to optimize it for lead generation. Make the most of every opportunity to direct potential leads to your website, inbox, and conversion. Some examples of how this is done are:

  • Listing your law firm’s website in the “About Us” section is extremely important – as without a clearly listed site, people will lose trust in you and will not want to spend the extra time looking for it.
  • Using a lead-oriented CTA (Call-to-Action) such as “Call Now”, or “Contact US” will make it easier for both the client and your company to take immediate action. This will also allow for users to feel more comfortable with sharing their personal information relating to legal matters versus sharing over Facebook Messenger or Chat.
  • Creating Facebook Ads. You will want to clearly describe what you do and what you can give to the specific groups you’re targeting, even if it means rewriting it for each advertisement post. 


Instagram is used to engage with people through videos and images, which allows you to be as innovative as you wish with your marketing communications. Many legal firms utilize Instagram to make it simple for potential clients to contact and interact with their lawyers. There are a variety of ways to accomplish this on Instagram, but to get the greatest results, keep the following ideas in mind:

  • Post a strong image. Make sure the image you post is something the audience can relate to. You will want high-quality visual content that catches the eye but at the same time is still somewhat minimal. As far as videos go, you will want the main focus of the video to be inviting and build a potential client’s trust.
  • Make sure you have a clear, engaging caption that is not too lengthy. It is also a good idea to use a CTA (Call-to-Action) in Instagram stories that will invite the viewer to interact with the company such as “Swipe up to learn more!” or “Click the link in our bio!”
  • Post frequently. If you want potential viewers to be fully engaged in your Instagram presence, use it on a regular basis. According to studies, brand accounts with the most followers post a minimum of 2 to 3 times each day on average. Because you are a law firm, it may be hard to find something to post about that many times in a day, but make sure you are at least posting 5-7 times a week.
  • Engage with your audience. Take the time to respond to anybody who comments on your post and start a conversation. If someone expresses a concern or sends you a message or comment, be sure to respond as soon as possible.


YouTube is certainly a huge lead source for any business, including law firms and legal services, and there is a powerful resource available to achieve quality leads for lawyers by properly utilizing the platform. 

Creating an effective YouTube channel is especially important for law firms, which must share innovative solutions and frequently explain complex matters. The fundamentals of developing a strong video presence are to focus on your audience and to remain consistent. We can assist law firms in planning, producing, and promoting compelling videos.


LinkedIn is a business-oriented social media platform that is a popular spot for professional networking. LinkedIn is a terrific tool to advertise yourself and network with other professionals because it was created specifically for businesses. Although it may not be the best place to interact with clients, it’s a great place for law firms to promote their expertise and accomplishments in their field. It’s a chance to show off your legal expertise and authority.

Methodologies/Tactics for Law Firm Lead Gen

Here are the top lead-generation tactics to follow if you want a consistent flow of leads to your law firm or legal services:

Create a Professional Website

This is crucial no matter what profession you are in. A properly designed website is vital for making a great impression on your potential clients’ thinking. Most legal clients like to gather information from a law firm’s website before entrusting their cases to them.

Utilize SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can increase the exposure of your website in search engines, making it easier for more people to find it. Furthermore, focusing on specific keywords for your legal website might help you generate more leads month after month.

Access to and comprehension of great performance measures is required for effective law firm marketing. Google Analytics is critical from an online standpoint, and no matter how advanced a firm’s metrics platform is, it will draw its data through this platform. Analytics also allows you to find out more about your website’s visitors such as their location, what topics they are viewing, and how they found your website – which will allow you to eventually get more traffic to your site.

Use Content Marketing to Generate High-Quality Leads

You can always rely on high-quality content to help you generate qualified leads for your legal company. You can enlighten your audience with essential knowledge that they might not be able to get anywhere else by using numerous forms of content such as ebooks, infographics, blogs, email marketing, webinars, white papers, and manuals.

Use PPC Search Advertising

Lawyers typically benefit from PPC advertising because it is a tried and true strategy of generating leads. The top three results in Google’s search engine results are usually Google Ads. You’ll obtain more clicks if you concentrate on keywords having a high commercial purpose.

Utilize Social Media

Many lawyers and others who work with them do not feel that social media can help them promote their services effectively. However, this can’t be further from the truth. Every business must have an active social media presence in order to make a great impact on their target audience.

CRM Systems

A legal CRM software system automates and streamlines tasks that would otherwise necessitate time-consuming manual processes. Regardless of their practice area, most lawyers devote a significant portion of their workweek to menial administrative duties that are an unavoidable part of running a practice. At LGG, we handle these tasks ourselves, allowing lawyers to focus on their current clients rather than tasks like data input. 

Call Center

In most cases, a company requires a live person to answer your calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It has been proven time and again to convert leads into clients. 

When a potential client calls, having a live person on the line who can connect with the caller and thus gain trust will significantly increase the chances of winning over that client. That is something that an impersonal online form cannot accomplish. This is provided by a call center.

Through our call centers, we provide your company with some solid ground where there was previously none. A client can see your ad at any time, call the phone number, and have their case information entered into your system—or even sign up as a client over the phone—if they see it.

Regulatory Considerations

Regulatory compliance is a significant part of marketing and lead generation for a law firm or legal services. As part of their operations, all businesses, regardless of industry or size, must abide by certain laws and regulations. 

Unlike most professions, lawyers’ ethical conduct is highly legislated, and those who do not follow these professional rules of conduct face serious regulatory and legal implications.

For any law firm, huge quantities of sensitive client data are stored and accessed. The rapid control of data and privacy through state and federal laws adds an extra layer of compliance risk to law firms and legal services alike.

For these reasons alone, it is important to work with a marketing company that is familiar with law firms’ risk profiles and will be able to adjust policies to your specific needs.


Most law firms that have a marketing budget spend between 2-15% of their revenue on their marketing output. This will all mostly depend on the amount of money the company brings in in the first place. 

Simply said, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to determining what your legal budget should be. The truth is that each legal company should have its own budget that is based on its current goals. The key to creating your own customized marketing budget rather than relying on an arbitrary number provided by Google is to analyze all of the aspects. 

This can be extremely time consuming and confusing to someone who doesn’t have any experience doing so – which is why it would be a great idea to let a company like LGG take matters into their own hands.

How LGG Can Help You with Legal Lead Generation

It’s easy to feel intimidated and overwhelmed when you decide to enter the realm of digital marketing. It doesn’t have to be, though. With the help of LGG Media, you can trust us to take the lead and understand your business needs so that you have time to focus on running your business and interacting with clients.