Marketing Automation: Step 2 – Find Your Audience

By LGG Media

There are 5 major steps in the Marketing Automation process that allows for effective marketing. 

  1. Identifying Your Goal
  2. Find Your Audience
  3. Create Content for the Buyer’s Journey
  4. Make Successful Workflows
  5. Analyze and Optimize those Workflows

Step 2: Find Your Audience

Buyer Personas are fictitious, generic depictions of your ideal clients. They help you better understand your clients (and potential customers) and make it easier to adjust content to different groups’ individual requirements, behaviors, and concerns. The most effective buyer personas are built on both market research and insights gained from your actual consumer base (through surveys, interviews, and customer data, for example). You may have a few or many specialized personas, depending on your business; you can always create more later if needed.

Personas, at their most basic, allow you to customise or target your marketing to distinct subsets of your audience. Instead of sending the identical lead nurturing emails to everyone in your database, you may segment by buyer persona and personalize your content to what you know about those various personas. Buyer personas, when used effectively, can enable you to create highly focused content, resulting in a bigger flood of new and repeat consumers that are pre-qualified by data.

Creating a Buyer Persona

Now that you know why you should create buyer personas, it’s time to figure out how to do it. In reality, a buyer persona is the person you consider while creating content, responding to a service ticket, or attempting to speak a new prospect’s language. In reality, you may construct unique slide presentations explaining your ideal buyer personas’ motives and obstacles, which you can then simply distribute with all departments in your organization.

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