Marketing Automation: Step 4 – Make Successful Workflows

By LGG Media

There are 5 major steps in the Marketing Automation process that allows for effective marketing. 

  1. Identifying Your Goal
  2. Find Your Audience
  3. Create Content for the Buyer’s Journey
  4. Make Successful Workflows
  5. Analyze and Optimize those Workflows

Step 4: Make Successful Workflows

You now have a clear buyer’s journey, a defined goal, and an idea of what content to create for each step of the buyer’s journey. It’s finally time to start thinking about workflows! Lead segmentation comprises categorizing your data into lists depending on a variety of criteria, such as actions taken. You should also utilize the Marketing Automation tool to generate lead status steps and life cycle steps. You construct a logical structure from which to work by organizing your data. Without first defining an order, it will be practically impossible to trigger processes based on life cycle steps and specified actions.

How to Create Workflows That Work

  1. Analyze – determine which marketing processes can be automated
  2. Visual Workflow – Create a visual representation of your workflow. This clear visual can aid in explaining the functionality of the automation. 
  3. Check the Data – Make sure your data is accessible and that you can utilize it to generate triggers.
  4. Inform the Team – Notify the person in charge of the workflow as well as the sender of the email. As a result, whether a warning about a download or information about calling a person is displayed, the individual is informed of what will happen.
  5. Turn your workflow live!

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