Marketing Automation: Step 5 – Analyze and Optimize Those Workflows

By LGG Media

There are 5 major steps in the Marketing Automation process that allows for effective marketing. 

  1. Identifying Your Goal
  2. Find Your Audience
  3. Create Content for the Buyer’s Journey
  4. Make Successful Workflows
  5. Analyze and Optimize those Workflows

Step 5: Analyze and Optimize those Workflows

The last, but most crucial, step is to examine! What is effective now may not be effective in a month. So, take a look at your automated systems. Do your contacts fall out?

How many of your leads convert into paying customers? Is the outcome how you expected it to be?

Actively reviewing your workflows means you’re continuously improving your automated processes and figuring out what material needs to be altered or supplemented to boost conversion. As a result, by delving into the details, you may optimize your workflows and find more operations that can be automated.

Conduct an A/B Test

An A/B test is highly recommended. A/B testing is evaluating tiny modifications between two variants for two different groups of website users to see which one generates the most conversions. One thing at a time is the key to successful A/B testing, as this allows you to see what works best. Because if you test numerous things at the same time against each other, you won’t know which one produced a successful difference.

A/B testing can be done on landing pages, emails, images, and forms, to name a few examples.

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