Taking TikTok for Your Business to the Next Level: Intermediate Guide

By Sierra Alongi

Utilizing TikTok Correctly for Your Business

You’ve already put the time into creating your TikTok account, now let’s put it to use! Whether you are already a seasoned social media manager or just beginning, every platform is different and understanding how to use one to its fullest potential is key. TikTok has so many built-in features already to help your account grow but there’s some work to do on your end as well. We have gathered a few important tasks you can do to keep the growth!

Consistency & Engaging Content is Needed

When it comes to TikTok, both quantity AND quality is important to your success. You could post TikToks daily but if it’s not resonating with users, it will be harder to grow. You’ve already put the time into creating this content so we don’t want it to go to waste! Taking the extra time to make your videos more engaging will help you reach maximum views. On the flip side, you have to post consistently so people can continue to see your brand. The more you post, the more you pop up on people’s feed, those people engage, and the algorithm picks it up for other users! We usually tell clients to shoot for AT LEAST 3 to 4 TikToks per week but if creatine is a breeze for you, make it 5 to 7! The more the better.

Creating a Content Strategy

It’s very easy to get overwhelmed when trying to consistently upload and create TikToks so it’s time to get organized with a content plan! This means doing anything that is going to help you manage these TikToks efforts while handling other things within your business. We suggest doing things like making buckets of content types that work for your brand, creating a posting schedule, and arranging all of your content ideas. If you are constantly brainstorming new ideas and staying organized with your content strategy, growing will be easy for you!

Competitor Research

One of the easiest ways to collect content ideas is checking out your competitors! See what kind of content they are creating within your industry and pull ideas from there (but make it better). Analyzing your competitors’ content is a quick monthly task that helps generate content ideas for any content creator. Note that new businesses are getting started with TikTok everyday so while your competitors may not be on TikTok at this moment, they could be next month and you always want to stay two steps ahead!

Analytic Review

Keeping up with your social media analytics is vital! This gives you the perfect opportunity to learn more about what kind of audience your videos are attracting, what kind of content is getting the most engagement, what times your audience is using the app throughout the day, and so forth. All it takes is 10-15 minutes weekly to see what’s working and what’s not while helping you strategize your next content plan.

How Can I Go Viral on TikTok?

This is a loaded question and very commonly asked! Of course, going viral is the goal because this means more leads and more business but let’s not get ahead of ourselves! If you focus on the things mentioned previously, this can happen without even trying. You never really know what will catch and go viral but when it does, it comes with great results! There are a few ways that you can maximize your engagement and possibly go viral which includes:

  • Using trending sounds
  • Adding hashtags
  • Connecting with your audience
  • Creating out-of-the-box content, and
  • Monitoring your competition

It’s important to understand that the potential to go viral on TikTok is really dependent on your business and the audience your brand targets. For example, statistics show that there are more female users on TikTok than male, so a brand within the beauty industry may do better than others. The broader your content is, the bigger your audience is going to be. If you are creating content for a specific customer like retirement services for an older crowd, you might have a more difficult time going viral but it is possible! There are over a billion users on TikTok and there are bound to be thousands of users out there interested in what you have to share.

Do You Need Help Managing Your Business TikTok?

Running a TikTok can be a full-time job especially as your audience grows so don’t be afraid to reach out for help managing these efforts!