Marketing Strategy Services​

Bring Meaning, Purpose, and Excellence

No matter what kind of business you own, you need an action plan to move forward in a bustling marketplace. You should know who your target audience is, where they are looking for you, how you can connect with them, and how to assemble all of this into a powerful marketing strategy that will boost your business growth.

Well, this can be a big challenge if you’re not aware of where to get started. Focus on your core objectives and let the experts at LGG Media put together a flawless marketing strategy for you. Our tactics are based on several demonstrations such as strategic thinking, conceptualization, planning, analysis, and tracking that can help to define your business attributes.

Marketing Strategy – A Proven Strategy for Every Opportunity

Discover & Plan

At the beginning of any project, our professional team starts with discovery to comprehend what you’re trying to achieve while evaluating potential challenges and risks to put together a detailed plan.

Data Strategy

Based on your current traffic, conversion rate, and customer engagement, we set new targets and build a custom data strategy that can help you to drive better leads and conversions.

Purposeful Campaign

Whether you need a marketing strategy for a new business, restaurant, real estate, e-commerce, hair salon, a new product, or anything else, we have the ability to run a meaningful and result-driven campaign.

Training and Consultation

As a pioneer in the field of marketing strategy services, we offer bespoke consultation that starts with planning and works all the way through execution, measurement, and alternations. 

Our strategy team integrates the full breadth of research and technical expertise from data science to a user-centric approach, agile techniques, traditional market research, and social listening. We identify the most reliable business opportunities and digital channels that lead to a solid online presence, better customer engagement, and overall success.

Feel free to speak to our professionals about how you can build a unique marketing strategy for your business.

Digital Marketing FAQ

Why Acquiring Digital Marketing Services is Essential for your Business?

Being a leading digital marketing agency in Ottawa, we believe digital marketing is a powerful strategy to build your online presence and generate better sales through different platforms. It gives the opportunity to spread the word about your products/ or services and appear on the top of SERPs.

Would My Business Benefit from Digital Marketing?

Yes, definitely! It gives more exposure to your brand’s products and services. At LGG Media, we use many digital marketing strategies, including social media promotion, PPC, lead generation, content marketing, and SEO services in Canada that focuses on main elements – target audience, business goals, and requirements.

Do You Only Use Google AdWords?

While the majority of our clients incline towards Google AdWords marketing, we also have diverse experience in all sorts of advertising services such as Facebook advertising, LinkedIn advertising, and many more.

What Is the Difference Between SEO, SMM, and PPC?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) focuses on promoting a website with an aim of enhancing its visibility by using relevant keywords. Pay-per-click (PPC) is based on keywords and demographics where the advertiser is charged per click on their ad. Social media service is the process of increasing brand awareness and engagement across different social media channels.

How Will You Report and How Will I Know What You Are Working On?

Being the best online marketing agency, we like to keep our clients informed. We send weekly, monthly, and annual reports outlining performance, as well as work completed and upcoming work. We provide a list of ongoing work in all areas with appropriate due dates.

Do You Need a Digital Marketing Strategy?

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